about peachy

Hello everyone!

My full name is Peachy Ybañez Concepcion. I am a Filipino citizen and I live in Switzerland. I migrated here in May 2005. I won’t keep my age as a secret I’m a class ’81, born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Some brief info on how and when I started to cook.

My parents were both good cooks. Although they have always cooked for our family, I can say that both had very good taste. So, since I was a little girl in my elementary days, I was already exposed to the kitchen because I always watched my mother cooking, asking her questions about ingredients of the dishes she was preparing. In short, I was always fascinated with food. At very young age, I learned a lot of recipes and this I owe to my mom and my dad. After high school, I moved to Manila to continue my university studies. I took the course in Computer Science, but I was not able to finish it. I found myself working at King Crab House, a Chinese restaurant, where one of the owners was a good friend of my sister. At first, I was trained as a cashier and I was assigned to their branch in Greenhills. After two days, they transferred me to their King Crab House subsidiary in Makati. It was at the branch in Makati, where I learned most. I became a cashier, a controller of food, a waitress, a beneficial order, and more particularly, a warehouse manager. Being a manager has given me the opportunity to know many new products and various spices which were used by our chefs. It’s through that experience that I had most of my ideas in the kitchen. Although some of the recipes I learned from King Crab House were really good, I wanted to see most of them with my interpretation and a little of my imagination. Since I am really fussy in cooking, some of the dishes that I created, I had to repeat more than once to get the exact flavour I wanted. Other cookbooks are not for me, they only confuse me. I believe that not everything can be taught and revealed in a book. Nor all the tips and techniques can be learned from it. But there are some cookbooks that are very reliable and informative. I think I have not had the luck to find them. From books that I tried to follow, I had no good or decent results. So from that moment, I stopped buying cookbooks and I referred on Internet-based. Maybe I was the only one I did not understand everything what was written in cookbooks.

My goal now is to help and teach people how to cook simple meals or difficult, but simply and without using expensive ingredients. I teach and share everything on the basis of my personal experience. I’ve never been to cooking school, everything just came from my passion for cooking. Anyone can cook and, above all, nothing is impossible if you are willing to learn and if you like what you’re doing. You only need a little patience most of the time.

Good view and navigation on my network. I hope you can learn funny, new ways on the path of a good food experience.

Thank you!